Monday, November 24, 2008


we all do things at work that are not 100% work related - making appointments, emails to friends or family, reading the news, etc. but it's probably not best to make it so obvious that about 70% of your day is devoted to personal errands and issues. Just saying..

Sondre Lerche

I saw Sondre Lerche in concert this weekend. I love his songs - his lyrics are fabulous and the songs are pretty upbeat. I am still consistently impressed by artists who can find ways to describe things in songs that are felt in real life. Clearly - these emotions and situations are not unique to just one person, but at the time, it always feels like you are the only one with that issue. I am a little jealous that some people can find creative ways to express it, and I just have to play their songs on repeat.
Sondre talks a lot to the crowd too which I liked. I also realized he sort of looks like James McAvoy. Or at least reminds me of him.

Homemade chili is better than Papa Gino's pizza

Sunday - I went over to Colleen and Emmett's to watch the Patriots game. Emmett had a few friends over, and Colleen made all sorts of yummy food - like chili, pumpkin bread and guacamole. (This may have inadvertantly guaranteed that their house will be the favorite football viewing house!) It was such a switch from a year or two ago - when we'd all go out on a Saturday night, get up late, and all lay around in the living room watching football and ordering pizza. I know I have written about things that remind you that you are an actual adult, and it shouldn't really be that surprising to me - but I think sometimes I am caught off guard by it all. I'm not complaining by any means, but I wonder if people are always this conscious of the transistions in the lives?

Friday, November 21, 2008


Another celeb had a baby and named it something weird. It makes me wonder, are these people REALLY naming their kids strange things, or do they come up with these fake names so they can have a tabloid moniker? That way - the paparazzi can never really pull up information on their kid - no official public records, etc. What would make Ashlee Simpson name her baby Bronx Mowgli, really? A love of NY and The Jungle Book? It seems silly. I bet its real name is something ordinary - like Pete Jr.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still funny

Something triggered my memory of this commercial and its 'instructional video' today. . I forgot how funny it was, and wanted to share.

Where to go

Apparently, the Butcher Shop is the place to go if you are a celeb visiting boston!

Check out who was the latest celeb seen there. (not by me)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An old favorite

I strayed from DMB for quite some time, and it's funny that I randomly thought of this song and cannot get it out of my head. I've been listening to all my old favorites and it is such a flood of random memories.

Thanks for the warning.

Last Saturday it was in the upper 60's and sort of humid. Sunday - 40's and super windy. Today when I left for work it was 24 degrees.
Upper 60's to 24 in 3 days is a huge shift. I haven't even broken out all the sweaters from the attic, since I have sort of been in denial that winter is coming so quickly. I feel sort of caught off guard by this frigid temp. No gloves, no hat. (Ok that's my fault - but still.) I'm not ready for Winter to be here yet. . luckily - I live in New England and I'm sure in two weeks it will be 58 degrees again.
Also - I'm sad the leaves are all gone. Trees in winter are so sharp and unfriendly. Only when it first snows and they are all covered in white do they look nice again. ugh. I may need to leave extreme season-ville. Who wants to go on a vacation to somewhere sunny and warm anytime between January and May?

Random work place quirks

One sure fire place for an awkward interaction is the bathroom at work. In our building the bathroom doors are across from each other, so there are plenty of chances to run into someone on the way in/out. People always feel like they need to say hi, which is nice - we are a friendly group - but then people strike up random conversations, and it's just weird, bc clearly you were headed somewhere with a mission!
Also - some days I go into the restroom and there is water* all over the sink, paper towels on the floor and toilet paper on the floor of the stalls. wtf? Aren't we all adults here, and why can't we just be neat and clean up after ourselves??

*and ew - sometimes there are random strands of hair.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Mondays are good because "How I Met Your Mother" is on, which makes me laugh. Today at work was busy, long and I couldn't wait for it to be over. I am looking forward to a few things this week, so I think that's why Monday dragged a bit.
We were also watching "Intervention" tonight. It was creepy - a girl who had a lot of emotional and abandonment issues was addicted to huffing. She would buy spray cans of electronics cleaner - the spray air- and would breathe it in. I couldn't believe she wasn't dead already, or was still able to function w/o permanent brain damage. She got this really creepy blank stare on her face right after she huffed. I would be nervous to be around her, and incredibly sad if I was in her family. If someone in my family was acting that way - I would do all I could to help them out. I guess at some point if people don't accept it you can't do anything for them.
I'm bored tonight. I was watching dumb TV and got annoyed, now I guess it's time for bed.


This weekend was nothing to complain about. Friday night karaoke - will probably occur more often than necessary. It was super fun, and too short. Saturday - rainy and crappy and gloomy. I did not accomplish much besides washing some towels and watching random movies on TV before and after my 2 hour nap. (Much needed after Friday night, and knowing I was going out Saturday night too!) I finally woke up, got motivated, ate dinner and went out w/ friends for Lori's bday. It was hot (ok, only high 60's but after 40 degrees* - that is hot.) and humid. So we went to Clarke's and I randomly saw a girl from high school. She was up w/ her bf visiting his sister, and thought - who do I know in Boston? Oh kimmy! I wonder if I'll see her, and within 5 mins. there I was. Strange.
Anyway - Clarke's was fun even though we were hot and gross. Then when we left it was a free for all hunt for a cab. The cab driver did NOT understand what a left turn was, and almost went right, then straight. He was not a happy camper. It was pouring rain and he had his back windows open. Dumb.
Sunday - I met my parents for lunch in Sturbridge. I'm also now carting around 2 computer monitors until tomorrow. Work is collecting unwanted electronics for only a $10 donation to the company's community fund, which is way cheaper than other places.
I got really tired when I got home from lunch/dinner, and started watching a strange movie w / Jen and Greg - Son of Rambow. I will probably rent it again bc the first 25 mins were intriguing. . but I couldn't stay awake for it. Funny enough, I tried to go to sleep and couldn't. Figures.

*Ever wonder why there is not a degree symbol on the keyboard? If there is and I'm missing it, let me know.

Friday, November 14, 2008


should be super fun. As previously mentioned, I am meeting friends for drinks, and karaoke - Amy has already decided that we should sing "Hold On" - which will be a reprise from Colleen's wedding.
The story:
At the reception for Colleen & Emmett's wedding - after the speeches, after the toasts, we were eating dinner, or about to be served dinner? tough to say. Anyway- Hold On, by Wilson Phillips came on. I'm not sure who started it, but somehow the two tables of the wedding party, and the bride/groom - maid of honor/best man table were all singing "Hold On." I don't think any of us considered the fact that there was a room full of people watching us. Colleen thought it was funny - as did the rest of us. I think they picked a great wedding party - since we all knew the words and were happy to sing it! haha. I wish someone had that on video. Mortifying - I'm sure.

rainy friday

It is so frustrating to wait for things that do not come. You get your hopes up (against your better judgement) and then ... crickets. arggggggggggggh.
guys suck.

And it is cloudy and drizzly, spitty rainy.

Happier things - I am going out tonight w/ friends for martinis at the Cheesecake factory, and then off to karaoke. haha. I would be lost w/o friends I think.


That on a day when it REALLY does not matter if I am at work on time - I have to leave my street early bc of street sweeping, there is not a lot of traffic, and I am in the office by 8:15.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I had a strange dream the other night - I was in a city which was a combination of Chicago, San Fran and LA - Strange I know, but it had little pieces of each of them. So - in this city - I am walking down the street with my sister (H), and a girl I was best friends w/ in elementary school (D). H, D and I were headed to a conference and it looked like there was a storm in the distance, across the water. We were nervous and thought - oh no, what if a hurricane or tornado comes before we get inside. Instead - the sky continued to get dark, it was windy and then the buildings (all gray, 2 pink) started to crumble. Huge pieces of buildings dropped from the sky and everyone panicked. Cut to the next scene - we were in a fast food place, and inside it was blue and red. (Burger King maybe?) I was with D but H was missing. Out the window of the restaurant I could see a large field of grass, and people were streaming towards us. H came out of the bathroom and was pretty calm and casual about the whole city crumbling incident. Then I woke up.
What in the world does this all mean??
- I have not talked to D in AGES. Though we are facebook friends.
- I don't go to BK, but do drive past one everyday.
- I have not been to Chicago in about 1.5 yrs at least, but was just in LA and am going to SF in 2 weeks.
- I talk to H every day so I'm never surprised when she shows up in dreams.
- Crumbling buildings, tornados and hurricanes?? no clue.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little annoyances

How many times a day/week/month do you think to yourself, wow, who does (insert name) think they are? Or, did (insert name) seriously just say that? I shouldn't be surprised since it continues to happen, but I think I'm still caught off guard sometimes by the way people handle things. In work, in regular life, wherever - people create a fuss to get what they want and then change their minds. Or one of the worst to deal with - people who are convinced that they are always right (and can't admit they are not), even if the other person can back up their information and is right! It's silly and I wish it didn't infuriate/frustrate/bother me. I guess this is a lesson in dealing w/ people and practicing being patient (sometimes I struggle with that.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

10/31 - Again, late on the fun event posting. Oops.

My mom made a fabulous costume for me! (thanks again :) )

The lovely and delicious cupcakes Jen and I made.

Beer Maid and Olive Oil

Our gracious hosts - Kevin's costume was gruesome and scary. Lauren - the naughty nun - smoking and PREGNANT! (for real pregnant, the cigarette is fake.)

The picture right before Kevin broke the news that Lauren is pregnant with a Baby Jordan!

Lori is a fierce doughnut eating competitor.

And also fierce at bobbing for apples. She won vs. the Conlan sisters. It looked dangerous.

Colls and Emmett


I was spoiled last week - not being in the office building from 4:30 - 5 when the friggin sun sets, and life gets depressing. I guess I didn't really notice too much that it was so dark so early- since we were out of the building at 8pm anyway. Now, I am sitting at my desk, and sad to see that it is PITCH BLACK. ugh. This is where the trouble starts. Now I will want to go home, make dinner, and possibly curl up in my bed - not go to the gym or be productive like I should be. I feel like it is about 8pm right now.
I should have prepared myself better for this.
Clearly, I am not ready for, or embracing the approach of winter. Or maybe I didn't want to admit the impending official end of summer/fall.

Oh Daylights Savings - we are not friends right now.

Rocky Road

Whoa, things are not good in business. (Not like we didn't know that...but still. ) DHL is ending its U.S. only operations. And cutting 9,500 jobs. Yikes. (per the article) DHL said it was making the cuts to improve profitability and "to prepare the company for the economic challenges ahead."
The state of this country seriously worries me. And as much as I am worried and nervous, I am confident that Obama is the right choice to get us back on track. I don't have a back up plan for what I would do if my job was suddenly cut - and I guess I should since there is so much uncertainty everywhere.
At least this is good news for UPS..(and FedEx, but clearly I'm biased bc my dad works for UPS.)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

too much alone time in the weekends makes me overanalyze things.

So it's sort of funny that Heather and I both are having a 'life realization' moment at the same time. The difference - Heather has an idea of where to go and what to do and I'm just wondering, what am I doing, what is the plan, and where do I go next?
I am a little bored with my life. I need a new project or hobby to keep me occupied. Work is fabulous, I love my team, I love my job, and am a supporter of the brand I work for, so I'm not having trouble with that. (finally!) But, I can't figure out what else I want. I know I want to go to grad school, however, I don't know what I want to go for. I know - don't go unless you really know what you want to study. I don't think I need a master's for my current job - but did sort of set in my head that someday I'd get one. The only thing that I can think of would be to get a masters so I can teach someday.
I have always said that I want to figure myself out before I worry about figuring things out w/ someone else as a part of my life. But I've realized that is sort of silly. Maybe I was able to say that because I don't have that person in my life that I want to include in everything, and make sacrifices for, or compromise with in order for us both to be happy. And since I'm not there yet, shouldn't I be doing more things that I know I want ?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama.

Last night, we were driving back to the hotel (I'm in CA for work) and the final result had not been announced. I looked it up on on my blackberry and literally caught my breath when I saw he was the winner. I was speechless and thrilled. I wanted to jump up and down and cry and scream. I am so proud of our country for making this decision. I am excited to be part of such a momentus occasion in our history. I'm excited to have voted for the first African American President.
I know there are people who are sad, or disappointed or mad that he won, but that was us in 2000, and 2004. . it's time for us to be proud of America. I think I just realized yesterday what that means. I don't believe I have been in a position before that allowed me to be so involved and so committed to my own beliefs and decisions to truly understand what it meant and felt like to be a part of something so big. In 2000, and in 2004, I was disapointed that my choice wasn't selected. The 2004 election especially defeated my faith in the american people, who (I think) were a bit jaded and scared to pick anything different - after having been scared by the 9/11 tragedy and the war Bush got us into.
I went on facebook today and saw so many of my friends had their status about their happiness in the outcome. Many have comments similar to mine in this blog - about being proud, or hopeful, and excited for the future. I think the outcome of this election will continue to inspire voters, and citizens to be a part of the process and expect a bit more from our government.
Also - I was impressed by both speeches. McCain was graceful in his concession and I admire his support of Obama. Even though his supporters were booing the announcement of Obama as President - McCain basically said, He is my president and he is yours, and we need to get on board. I also really admired Obama's mention of the voters that didn't pick him. If I hadn't chosen Obama but heard him say - we need to figure out how to work together, and I know we have different views, but we need to make it happen - I'd feel like he at least would acknowledge the opposing points of view and consider them in his decision making. I don't ever remember hearing Bush say - there are some of you who didn't pick me, but I am still listening to you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Famous blog

Random - My blog was featured in comments on *not the best discussion but funny that someone mentioned my blog.
Basically this message board was talking about how much they love Gabriel Byrne, and someone noted he had been in Boston, per my blog/sighting. Somehow they were alerted by Google alerts?

Today's the day

I'm anxious for tonight when we find out who our next President will be. I sincerely hope there are no shenanigans like in 2000, and 2004 to delay or alter the outcome of the race.
I am glad it will all be over soon though. I'm sick of the ads, the comments, and the signage. I think it is great that people are passionate about their candidate, and about this country - but enough is enough and it's time to move on to something else.