Monday, November 17, 2008


This weekend was nothing to complain about. Friday night karaoke - will probably occur more often than necessary. It was super fun, and too short. Saturday - rainy and crappy and gloomy. I did not accomplish much besides washing some towels and watching random movies on TV before and after my 2 hour nap. (Much needed after Friday night, and knowing I was going out Saturday night too!) I finally woke up, got motivated, ate dinner and went out w/ friends for Lori's bday. It was hot (ok, only high 60's but after 40 degrees* - that is hot.) and humid. So we went to Clarke's and I randomly saw a girl from high school. She was up w/ her bf visiting his sister, and thought - who do I know in Boston? Oh kimmy! I wonder if I'll see her, and within 5 mins. there I was. Strange.
Anyway - Clarke's was fun even though we were hot and gross. Then when we left it was a free for all hunt for a cab. The cab driver did NOT understand what a left turn was, and almost went right, then straight. He was not a happy camper. It was pouring rain and he had his back windows open. Dumb.
Sunday - I met my parents for lunch in Sturbridge. I'm also now carting around 2 computer monitors until tomorrow. Work is collecting unwanted electronics for only a $10 donation to the company's community fund, which is way cheaper than other places.
I got really tired when I got home from lunch/dinner, and started watching a strange movie w / Jen and Greg - Son of Rambow. I will probably rent it again bc the first 25 mins were intriguing. . but I couldn't stay awake for it. Funny enough, I tried to go to sleep and couldn't. Figures.

*Ever wonder why there is not a degree symbol on the keyboard? If there is and I'm missing it, let me know.


Debbie said...

hey... there is a keyboard shortcut..Alt + 0176 = ° (Degrees)

k. mead said...

Aw thanks!! :)