Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanks for the warning.

Last Saturday it was in the upper 60's and sort of humid. Sunday - 40's and super windy. Today when I left for work it was 24 degrees.
Upper 60's to 24 in 3 days is a huge shift. I haven't even broken out all the sweaters from the attic, since I have sort of been in denial that winter is coming so quickly. I feel sort of caught off guard by this frigid temp. No gloves, no hat. (Ok that's my fault - but still.) I'm not ready for Winter to be here yet. . luckily - I live in New England and I'm sure in two weeks it will be 58 degrees again.
Also - I'm sad the leaves are all gone. Trees in winter are so sharp and unfriendly. Only when it first snows and they are all covered in white do they look nice again. ugh. I may need to leave extreme season-ville. Who wants to go on a vacation to somewhere sunny and warm anytime between January and May?

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