Thursday, November 13, 2008


I had a strange dream the other night - I was in a city which was a combination of Chicago, San Fran and LA - Strange I know, but it had little pieces of each of them. So - in this city - I am walking down the street with my sister (H), and a girl I was best friends w/ in elementary school (D). H, D and I were headed to a conference and it looked like there was a storm in the distance, across the water. We were nervous and thought - oh no, what if a hurricane or tornado comes before we get inside. Instead - the sky continued to get dark, it was windy and then the buildings (all gray, 2 pink) started to crumble. Huge pieces of buildings dropped from the sky and everyone panicked. Cut to the next scene - we were in a fast food place, and inside it was blue and red. (Burger King maybe?) I was with D but H was missing. Out the window of the restaurant I could see a large field of grass, and people were streaming towards us. H came out of the bathroom and was pretty calm and casual about the whole city crumbling incident. Then I woke up.
What in the world does this all mean??
- I have not talked to D in AGES. Though we are facebook friends.
- I don't go to BK, but do drive past one everyday.
- I have not been to Chicago in about 1.5 yrs at least, but was just in LA and am going to SF in 2 weeks.
- I talk to H every day so I'm never surprised when she shows up in dreams.
- Crumbling buildings, tornados and hurricanes?? no clue.

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