Monday, November 10, 2008


I was spoiled last week - not being in the office building from 4:30 - 5 when the friggin sun sets, and life gets depressing. I guess I didn't really notice too much that it was so dark so early- since we were out of the building at 8pm anyway. Now, I am sitting at my desk, and sad to see that it is PITCH BLACK. ugh. This is where the trouble starts. Now I will want to go home, make dinner, and possibly curl up in my bed - not go to the gym or be productive like I should be. I feel like it is about 8pm right now.
I should have prepared myself better for this.
Clearly, I am not ready for, or embracing the approach of winter. Or maybe I didn't want to admit the impending official end of summer/fall.

Oh Daylights Savings - we are not friends right now.


Hedder02 said...

exercise in the morning. i know i know but at least it gets light at like 6am.

Hedder02 said...

Or just do exercise videos ON DEMAND