Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama.

Last night, we were driving back to the hotel (I'm in CA for work) and the final result had not been announced. I looked it up on on my blackberry and literally caught my breath when I saw he was the winner. I was speechless and thrilled. I wanted to jump up and down and cry and scream. I am so proud of our country for making this decision. I am excited to be part of such a momentus occasion in our history. I'm excited to have voted for the first African American President.
I know there are people who are sad, or disappointed or mad that he won, but that was us in 2000, and 2004. . it's time for us to be proud of America. I think I just realized yesterday what that means. I don't believe I have been in a position before that allowed me to be so involved and so committed to my own beliefs and decisions to truly understand what it meant and felt like to be a part of something so big. In 2000, and in 2004, I was disapointed that my choice wasn't selected. The 2004 election especially defeated my faith in the american people, who (I think) were a bit jaded and scared to pick anything different - after having been scared by the 9/11 tragedy and the war Bush got us into.
I went on facebook today and saw so many of my friends had their status about their happiness in the outcome. Many have comments similar to mine in this blog - about being proud, or hopeful, and excited for the future. I think the outcome of this election will continue to inspire voters, and citizens to be a part of the process and expect a bit more from our government.
Also - I was impressed by both speeches. McCain was graceful in his concession and I admire his support of Obama. Even though his supporters were booing the announcement of Obama as President - McCain basically said, He is my president and he is yours, and we need to get on board. I also really admired Obama's mention of the voters that didn't pick him. If I hadn't chosen Obama but heard him say - we need to figure out how to work together, and I know we have different views, but we need to make it happen - I'd feel like he at least would acknowledge the opposing points of view and consider them in his decision making. I don't ever remember hearing Bush say - there are some of you who didn't pick me, but I am still listening to you.

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