Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Will you accept this rose?

Typically, I do not watch "The Bachelorette," and only sometimes get sucked into "The Bachelor." Last night, I found myself watching it with Jen and Colleen and now will have to watch the season to see if she picks Jason! Jason is a single father of a 3 yr old boy named Tyler. . after Jason told DeAnna about his son, she opened up about the death of her mom, which has shaped her emotionally closed off personality. To let him know that she was open to the idea of a guy with a kid - she went and named a star after his son. I wonder if she is really ok with it, or if she wanted him to at least always know she really liked him - no matter what the decision is. However, the bachelorette is 26, and that is a huge package deal! 3 year old, and an ex wife to deal with? ps. does anyone else think she looks older than 26??

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