Monday, June 9, 2008


This weekend I went to CT to visit my parents.
Saturday - my dad and I went to lunch and hung out for a bit, then headed over to the theater in Stratford to see my mom in a play for the Irish Club my parents belong to. Unfortunately, the theater was having some sound problems, and up until about 10 minutes before the show people were attempting to sort out the issues. Luckily - it all worked out and the play went really well! My mom was so good! She has never been in a play before, and I give her a lot of credit for going up on stage and putting in a lot of hard work to be ready for the show. After the show, we went to a bar nearby with the cast and their families. I figured we'd be out for a drink or two.. but this crowd was not going home early! They started playing with the Juke box and found some Irish music to dance/sing to and ended up closing the bar!

Sunday - breakfast at my grandparents. My grandmother loves to watch old movies. She was watching one w/ John Wayne about a group of people who were in some foreign country gathering animals to put in a zoo. They used a rocket to launch a net over a tree to catch monkeys, chased a rhino with two jeeps, and fought off elephants who tried to get back 3 baby elephants. It was strange. The 3 baby elephants thought this one woman was their 'mom' so they kept following her around. The woman ends up being John Wayne's love interest, and at the end, one elephant tries to climb up on the bed with her before he gets in! Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? After that - my mom and I got pedicures and ran a few errands. I headed home around 3:30, driving right into a torrential downpour/thunderstorm. I came home to play softball with a team I found on Sadly, we lost 19-24. We had a few great hits, and clearly scored a lot. . we could have won but our pitcher walked a lot of batters for the other team. Oh well, it is just for fun anyway!

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