Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was walking down the stairs at work today, and was just reaching the landing when my shoe started to fall off as I stepped down. I managed to sort of catch it with my foot, and land on the edge of it with a nice thud. I then proceeded to awkwardly drag my other foot across the floor because I was slowing down and half tripping. I was relieved that no one was with me, but the door only opened to the stairwell as I was regaining my balance (hopefully they didn't see me flailing around). I then ran away before I could see who it was. At least I didn't fall down the stairs, which is painful and usually only happens on the 'death stairs' at 107 Warren St.

I realize that I have always been a klutz - always running into chairs, walls, tripping on the perfectly flat carpet, etc. I'm sure if I tried harder I could be less klutzy, but at this point I have pretty much come to terms with it and think it is amusing.

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