Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lady Lovely Locks

I have had long hair for quite some time now, and I'm getting sick of it. But, now that it is this long I want to donate it when I cut it off.

Part of me is ready to cut it off now - it gets in the way, and sometimes I think I look like a little kid w/ it. Then, I had a dream about 2 weeks ago that I cut it all off to my chin, didn't donate, and cried about it. I was SO relieved to wake up and know I hadn't cut it. So I guess I'm not ready yet. The plan is to cut it at the end of the summer, and hopefully my sanity will last that long! If I can, I'd like to donate 10 inches to Locks of Love (
but if 10 inches is too short for me, I might go with 8 inches to Pantene's program - Beautiful Lengths.

If the title of the blog makes no sense:


Hedder02 said...

Is your hair dyed? You cannot donate your hair if it is dyed or highlighted.

k.mead said...

nope, not dyed. The last time I highlighted it was '06 maybe?