Monday, June 23, 2008

Fun Times

I'm sad the weekend is over!
Friday - Dinner and some yummy wine w/ a friend.
Saturday - I did random errands, and read about half of the book "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin. Then, we grilled and headed into Boston around 5:30 for the American Craft Beerfest. We probably could have gone home when it ended, but instead went to the Black Rose.
Sunday - Happy Birthday Jen! Lori, Jen, Greg and I went to the Sox game. It started an hour late, it rained on and off, and was 13 innings long! (We left in the 11th.) But it was a fun time, and the Sox eventually won. Lots of interesting characters, as usual. And, we saw the folding up of the tarp - which is a long, tiresome process. I hope those guys get paid well. After the game, I sat on the couch and read the rest of "Something Borrowed." I really wanted to know how it ended!
So, then at 10pm I started to pack for a work trip to NY this week.

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Hedder02 said...

have fun in ny. i was thinking that i never want you to meet rachel ray b/c if she is mean or snobby then that will make me not like her and i dont want to not like her. So if you do meet her, well that is good that you got to meet her but if she is mean, dont tell me. ok!