Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MTV Movie Awards

On Sunday night during the MTV Movie Awards - Lindsay Lohan, P.Diddy, and Verne Troyer presented the award for Breakthrough Performance. They did a bit where they fought over who should announce the winner. P.Diddy said, it would be the first time for black man to announce it. Lindsay said, she was a woman, and best suited for the job. Verne Troyer said something about being the white dude in the background watching it all happen. I caught on to the point of the bit when P.Diddy kept saying, "Yes we can!" I'm trying to figure out what MTV's point of view on Hilary Clinton is though, based on this skit. . since Lindsay Lohan ultimately announced the winner, one could argue that MTV is in favor of Clinton. But they picked L. Lohan to represent her, someone who is not that put together, and sort of a train wreck.

On a lighter note, Johnny Depp is HOT. I looked up his age, and am in disbelief that he is 45 yrs. old.

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