Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why I'm not allowed to go to the beach

Episode 1 of Summer 2008:
Jen, Colls and I went to Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester Saturday. (Reminder: I am white. Whiter than white. Casper is about the same shade as me.) I put on SPF 30 before I left to make sure I got it everywhere. I put it on my chest, face and stomach MULTIPLE times during the day.
What Happened:
- Sunscreen apparently removes itself from my body if applied more than once.
- If you sit in a chair and then lay on your stomach, reapply sunscreen to the side of your legs. If you sweat at all, the sunscreen is GONE.
- There is a slight sunburn near my hairline which looks ridiculous.
- The back of my leg is red and hurts. Like, when I get up from sitting, or sit on a specific surface, like a stool or a toilet seat.
- I have awesome red stripes where my bathing suit lines are. Sort of like a pink zebra.

In the next episode - Kim uses an umbrella and SPF 70. Or, forgoes the beach and gets a spray tan.

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