Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh yeah? Well....

I can't stand the competition game. You know - when someone has a bad day, and the person they are talking to counters with, "oh yeah? If you think that was bad, listen to my day!" Sometimes, this truly is someone comiserating about whatever the situation may be, but sometimes it is over the top.

There are people I know with who play this competition game almost every day. The topic: traffic and their commute. Both parties are chronically late to work, both live at least 25 -30 minutes away. One lives knows the commute is awful, and could probably just take more time to get to work. One doesn't like to be out done, so will elaborate his story at all costs to be the one worse off. I realize this isn't my problem since they aren't talking to me, but it gets so obnoxious that I either have to leave my desk, or put on headphones.

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Hedder02 said...

its because people are losers who need attention so they have to always outdo ea other. i know a few peeople like that too.