Sunday, June 26, 2011

weird dream

I had the weirdest dream last night! My parents had a new house that they had purchased a few years ago. They were attempting to knock down a wall to make some changes, and someone was there to tell them all these crazy things about the house. 
1. the house used to be a funeral home
2. the previous owner had driven her car into the house, and the car and her skeleton was stuck in the wall so they couldn't knock it down
3. the ceiling was retractable and the roof was actually all glass 

So - we opened the ceiling and these large wood pieces folded down. Inside the wood pieces were old movie posters - placed there so people in planes overhead could see the advertising. So odd. 

Then, My aunt from WI was in town, and we had to have a meeting with a board of investors about the ceiling. The house was really rare and they wanted to buy it. I was in charge of opening the panels for the meeting and was getting yelled at since I was taking too long getting orange juice first. Also - I was getting nervous that something would fall on the house and glass shards would fall on us. 

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