Thursday, June 23, 2011

5th Annual Crawl and Beerfest day

This year was the 5th annual pub crawl, coordinated by Lori. It started as a birthday crawl for Jen and George, and morphed into a post Chapel Hill Chauncy Hall graduation celebration. (CHCH is where Lori and friends work)

We stopped by the pub crawl to say hi before we went to the American Craft Beer Fest. 

After the fest, we headed back towards Faneuil Hall. It's ok - the owner told Scott he could pet the horse - they say that they bite so kids won't bother them. 
The people on the pub crawl weren't having much luck with the bars on their list, so they left for the Hong Kong.  Scott and I decided to get something to eat at the Union Oyster House

We ordered calamari, Scott ate oysters, and I had some onion soup. 

The food is good! We watched the Bruin's game, and headed home!

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