Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go B's

Everyone has Bruins fever, and Boston Pride lately! The Bruins have made it to the Stanley Cup finals, when lots of people figured they would be out of the running in April. Given all the work I've done on the local sports TV spots for work, I had more interest this year in Hockey than in past years. I've always enjoyed it, but have never been a crazy fan of it. Anyway - it's fun to watch the games, and see how differently the Bruins played each team and finally made it to Game 7 which is tonight in Vancouver. 

Unfortunately, since the World Series win in 2004 - Boston has gotten a reputation for not being able to manage their excitement or angst when teams win or lose a play off / finals game. There are parking bans, and all sorts of extra police around tonight. 

Anyway - that reputation, and a slight error from the mayor of Boston is part of the joke of the image above. 
Last May - Mayor Menino was at the TD BankNorth Garden unveiling the new Bobby Orr statue. He noted some key moments in Boston sports, and called out the time when "Varitek split the uprights." Um, who was that you said? He meant to say Vinatieri, as in Adam Vinatieri - who kicked a 41-yard field goal with four seconds left in Superbowl 38.   Varitek is a catcher for the Sox. 

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