Thursday, June 9, 2011


I found this new blog, I think through Heather ; or in google reader. Anyway  - I LOVE IT. I want this girls' entire closet! (Ok, not all, but most of it. ) 

So I have been inspired to try new combinations with my clothes, but also to find a few items to complete the looks she has posted. 

I tried one today. I used this as inspiration: 

But have on this cardigan : 

My other fave outfits of hers are below. I'm on the hunt for some key items! 

Just tried this shirt on at Loft and was undecided. Guess I need to go get it! 

I think this bolder shade will work for me. Pale yellow is awful w/ the pale skin and blonde hair. 

Found a not so close substitute at Target I may try out. 

I need to shop for scarves! 

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