Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missing for 16 yrs, now Whitey is EVERYWHERE

So, Whitey Bulger has been found and arrested. The Boston news, newspapers, twitter  - everything is on fire with this story. It's crazy to see all the press about it, all the detail, and read all about what happened right here in town! 

- Backstory: Whitey Bulger (James Bulger) is an Irish Mobster from Boston, who was an FBI informant. Apparently the FBI had protected Bulger and his Winter Hill Gang *, which was obviously a huge scandal with the Boston police dept. John Connolly (currently in prison) was an FBI agent who continually tipped Whitey off to keep him out of jail. (Sound familiar? The Departed  was based on this)

- is full of all the details: 
    - Articles about the families whose family members were allegedly killed by Whitey and his gang.
    - Reactions. 
    - A 5 part series on the mobster. Part 1, Part 2 - the Mafia myth, Part 3 - arrest, Part 4 - protection, Part 5 - drugs in Southie.
   - A photo list of people involved.
   - A mob tour of Boston.

I'm sort of fascinated by all this. I love the movies about the mafia - Goodfellas, The Godfather, A Bronx Tale - but it's so odd to read about it all present day. 

*Side note - I live near Winter Hill, Somerville. Oops. 

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