Monday, April 20, 2009

public speaking is not for everyone

"In my country...marriage should be between a man and a woman" - What? that sentence doesn't really make sense. Are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and Vermont no longer part of the U.S.? She said we can choose same sex marriage or 'opposite marriage' - no, only in those four states can you have a same sex marriage. It's ok not to agree with certain things. It's ok to have your own opinion.
But - I think this girl made herself look unintelligent with the unpolished phrasing of her answer and the use of terms such as 'opposite marriage.' I don't really pay attention to these pagents, or what Miss USA/Miss America, etc. does after it's over - but I'm glad she's not representing our country.


Rocco said...

those girls try really hard u should cut them some slack

k. mead said...

they do try hard - I'll totally give them credit for that. I could never get up there and be in that competition.