Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On-The-Go playlist 12*

Today is a headphones day at work. That means - 1. I have lots of stuff to do that consists of me sitting at a desk for the majority of the day and I need to entertain myself somehow. 2. I am not in the mood to hear the ramblings, comments or complaints of the people in the building.

This is risky though - because I could be caught off guard and startled if I'm in my own world. I might be tempted to start singing along to random songs on this list - esp. the Beatles songs on here. And - I have to be aware of who's coming up behind me so I can close out of gchat or gmail if the bosses come by. Scandalous.

Current distraction: Bottle it up - Sara Bareilles

*On the go playlists are a fantastic feature on Ipods. You just hold down the middle button on the songs you want in a playlist and they show up in 'on the go'. if you keep them long enough - they start to number themselves and save. I have 14 On the Go playlists = perfect for instant gratification girl.

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