Monday, April 6, 2009

karma chameleon

I support the idea of karma. Not to the extent that Earl does, but sometimes you have to consider the cause and effect of your actions. I think that if you are heinous and miserable, life will be heinous and miserable right back at you. If you try to be nice and do good things, that will come back ina positive way.(Obviously, bad things happen to good people, and I’m going to cop out on that one and say, life happens.) So, what does this have to do with anything? Funny you should ask. In 2007 I got a job for the contract side of a large office supply company. I was excited, and ready for a new challenge. A few months in, I was having trouble with my boss. Our personalities clashed, her management style was tough to deal with, and I struggled with her attitude. (She was pretty high up on herself, and thought she was the smartest greatest thing, but didn’t understand things like - how to convert Euros to US $. When I told her that the Euro was stronger than the US$, she said, so that means it takes less of our money to equal theirs. Um no.) Anyway – I’ve sort of blocked her out and don’t remember why else she sucked. The management style of that boss, and her boss were not to work with someone and understand the challenges and make it better, but to manage that person out, so that they could go on their merry way and not be responsible. It worked and I left. I have heard through the grapevine that people are figuring out that this manager is not all she pretends to be, and that the people who have worked under her and left are not that bad (some moved to other teams in the company), but that they had a bad manager. While gossiping isn’t the best, and can get sticky – I was happy to hear that things might be catching up to this woman.

In a similar train of thought – I think that there are certain challenges you will continue to face in life until you learn to deal with or defeat them. I had a recurring personality to battle with in college. It was the girl who had to be in charge. She had to be the center of attention, always in control, and had people following her around and doing what she thought was great. I don’t do well with these people – because if I disagree with you, or don’t want to do something, I won’t do it. Anyway – twice in 4 years I was faced with a person of this nature. They were powerful – and turned sets of friends on their side / against me. It was a pain to deal with, but hopefully I’ve learned how to deal with them, and at least have had a break from someone like that for a while.
There is another one that is haunting me though – and I’m not sure what I did or didn’t learn yet from this situation that it WILL NOT GO AWAY. Ok, I learned the lesson – don’t date people you work with. I moved away from CT, and was happy to leave behind certain things and people. Unfortunately, Boston is a popular place, and a certain someone has since come up to this part of New England. I was happy at the company I work for and then received news that ‘someone’ was going to be working with me. Not at my company, but directly related (agency). Fabuloso. So it hasn’t been that bad. We haven’t had to have too much 1:1 contact. But he is around, which bugs me. The communication was limited, and it was fine. However, recently – I have been working more with the traffic grids and media for each window. Guess who has been appointed the person in charge of that at the agency? Oh yea. Lucky me. What is the lesson here, so I can learn it and be done?

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