Friday, April 24, 2009


Dear Spring,

I think we need to re-evaluate your process. You come in the end of March - which is great, bc my birthday is officially NOT in winter, my least favorite season. However, you have been slacking a bit on the 'springlike' weather in New England for the past few years. Only this weekend will it go past 55/60 degrees for more than 8 hours ! Can you step it up a bit and keep the nice weather coming? Thanks.

Also - I get that spring is the season for everything to bloom, and come back out after winter. Could you cut back on the pollen a bit? I have not stopped sneezing for the past week and a half. My head is pounding, and I can't take allergy meds during the day because I pass out like I'm taking sleeping pills (which I've never actually taken.) I spent all last Saturday night sleeping on and off instead of hanging out. Not ideal.

I know that part of my frustration with you is just my love of summer, and then the fall. You come right after the worst season - which earns you a few points. But, can you give me a break and ease up on the allergens floating around, and warm things up for me? Super.

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