Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crazy marathoners

Check out the 12th pic down on this link - how do you run a marathon in CROCS??

And yes - once again I am thinking, how hard can it be? I should run a marathon. I was going to sign up for a half in May , but didn't train and realized it was the weekend after the MS bike. SO - I have to find a half marathon in late summer/fall. Train. Then run the Disney Marathon in January. Maybe if I finish that - I will qualify for the Boston marathon and hopefully not die in attempting to run it. Crazy? Yes. But 3 yrs in a row I have had this thought, so it's time to just get $hit done. Maybe I will run a half and HATE IT, in which case this will all be a moot point. (Or as some co workers say, a mute point.)

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