Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just don't have kids if you don't want to be with them

People have kids to start a family, continue their legacy, have the next generation, etc. I've always figured that people who have children want to spend time with them, raise them, and enjoy life with them. And so- things like this and this baffle me. 
Example 1 - Jennifer Aniston wants to adopt and already has a nanny picked out. Ok, this could be a total lie, but why have a kid if you are just going to have a nanny? I get that when she is working she will need help, but it's so strange to me that celebs have multiple nannies! 
Example 2 - Jon of Jon and Kate plus 8 may or may not be cheating. Whatever. My question is - if you have 8 children, and your wife is out promoting her book - WHY ARE YOU AT A BAR? Who is home with your kids? OH probably a nanny. 

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Carly said...

I sooooo agree with you! It's one thing (if you need to work or get thing's done) to have a babysitter or use a daycare/preschool but it is completey unacceptable to have a child/ren just to continuously pawn them off on whom ever will take them! Yes, everyone needs a break (God knows I do) but people need to be responsibe, if you don't want kids there are plenty of way to not have them in this day and age! Thank you for bringing to light by BIGGEST pet peeve!! Well Done!