Monday, December 29, 2008

Grinchy about Holidays

My friend and I were headed to a Christmas gathering last Monday and we were both a little cranky. We were feeling a little grinchy about the holidays, and were annoyed by other random situations - so we were both in a state. But we were laughing about it so it was fun.
It led to the discussion about our favorite holiday. Hers is Thanksgiving bc all you have to do is eat and hang out. I said I like Halloween - costumes are fun, and I like Halloween decorations. Also - I like the 4th of July. All you do is hang out outside, have a few beers and see fireworks, which I LOVE. And,there is no pressure to gather the entire family from all ends of the earth, no gifts to buy, etc. Which made me come to my own conclusion a few days later - I don't really like holidays. I like other people's birthdays bc I like to find a fun gift for them, send a cute card or celebrate my friends bc I love them. But - if I really think about it - holidays stress me out and I'm not a fan.

Let's go through them: (Holidays consist of days off from work, or certain days noted on a calendar as a holiday)
- New Year's Day:
Plus: There is the potential for fireworks, but you have to stand outside in the cold to see them. It's an excuse to put on a silly crown and use noisemakers. If you have a fun party to go to you can dress up for it.
Minus: You have to stay where you party if you want to have drinks* It is super expensive to travel. Bars have high covers, even if they are in Killington, VT. A whole lot of hype for 10 seconds of excitement.
- Martin Luther King Jr. Day :
Plus: A good guy to celebrate and a day off work.
Minus: You can't do fun things on your day off bc ski slopes, the mall, the movies and everywhere is crowded with people off for the day.
- Groundhog Day:
Plus: You can print out pictures of Groundhogs, color them and stick them on your roommates bedroom doors.
Minus: A groundhog cannot stop winter from continuing, and that god awful movie - Groundhog Day - exists.
- Valentine's Day:
Plus: it is one of my good friends' birthday! You can make cookies for your co workers, and no matter how old you are - you can give out little valentine day cards to your friends.
Minus: If you are single you might be annoyed at the lovey dovey day you are spending alone. There is pressure to get a gift and have dinner/hang out if you are with someone. restaurants are crowded.
- St. Patrick's Day:
Plus: I like beer, and that is how we celebrate
Minus: EVERYONE wants to go out to the bars, so its super crowded. Bars hike up the cover charges - again. Hangovers.
- April Fool's Day:
Plus: One more day til My sister's bday!
Minus: I don't like practical jokes. I don't know who to believe that day.
- Easter
Plus: Cadbury Mini Eggs
Minus: I don't like ham, I am not religious, too many pastel colors together grosses me out - especially when it is all gray and rainy and there are no leaves on trees.
- Memorial day:
Plus: Day off from work, and it's near my friend Jess' bday, sales in stores.
Minus: Expensive to travel bc it's a long weekend. It might not be warm enough for a picnic.
- 4th of July
Plus: Fireworks, beer, picnics
Minus: Traffic, crowds
- Labor Day:
Plus: Day off from work, and it's near my friend Colleen's bday, sales in stores.
Minus: Expensive to travel bc it's a long weekend. People all go their own way and do their own thing so you might end up a loner for the weekend. End of summer. :(
- Columbus Day
Plus: some people don't have to work, sales in stores.
Minus: I have to work. Columbus really wasn't that fabulous.
- Halloween:
Plus: costumes, candy, decorations, Hocus Pocus
Minus: people lose interest when we get older, attempting to come up with clever costume ideas can get tough.
- Thanksgiving
Plus: you can be lazy and no one cares. It's the perfect day to watch Home Alone. Apple pie.
Minus: Travel is expensive and can be hectic. Traffic. Christmas music starts the day after. Turkey is gross - esp after I have had to cook one.
- Christmas:
Plus: giving gifts, reuniting with family and friends, Christmas movies and songs (for about 3 weeks), decorating trees.
Minus: Missing people you can't spend the holiday with, pressure of giving great gifts and finishing everything on time, listening to christmas music since thanksgiving, people in malls, on the highway, etc. General un-excitement for the holiday bc there is nothing special about it for me right now. Some people are over zealous about it which gets old QUICK. (HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!)

So that is my recap of my take on holidays. I guess I do like some - 4th of July, and St. Patricks day maybe?

* I'm a brat now and enjoy sleeping in my own bed, not on random floors and couches.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

Wii bowling - Kaitlin and Chris brought their Wii over on Christmas day. We were a little worried that Dad would hit the TV on his turn!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Venting and nachos made me feel better

I went outside, shoveled, got soaked and tired - annnnnnnnnnnnd got over some of my annoyances. Also - Jen and I made round 1 of nachos* (the appetizer version) and are now all warm and watching the Patriots game so I'm happier. **

*Round two is buffalo chicken nachos
**the game is on FOX which has that super annoying animated robot.


Snow is beautiful and can be fun. In small, manageable increments. It has been snowing non stop since Friday at 2pm. . we have at least 1ft, and 3-5 more inches falling today. Jen and I have back pain from shoveling! (i.e. we are getting old) So - I'm bummed and sort of annoyed that I am stuck in the house today bc I have a few things to do today that I apparently can't get out to do. To be honest, I'm just not thrilled at the idea of doing laundry and cleaning my room.

So - I'm cranky because people are inconsiderate. I've been annoyed often lately at the ridiculousness of people not picking up after themselves in our house. I don't know what to do to make it clear that they need to think twice before doing things - like messing up the internet router 3x's in 2 days, or leaving the house for the weekend and leaving a mess. Maybe the people I live with read this blog - but I'm not sorry for talking about it here. I already sent an email telling them that if you leave the house for an extended period of time it's not fair to the rest of us that now have to clean up after them if we want to use pots and pans. So - it's not anything they don't already know I'm mad at. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES!

Last - our lovely (terrible) neighbor*, who we nicknamed Joan Jett thinks that it is acceptable to put cones in the street 'saving' her parking spot when she goes out. Um - no. We ALL shoveled out our cars, we ALL have to park here. Get over yourself, or put in a driveway please. I sort of want to move her cones.

*Joan Jett is the neighbor who complains to our landlord** that we park in front of her house. She lives directly next door and does not have a driveway. There are 5 people living at our house (4 here, 1 downstairs) and room for 2, maybe 3 cars in our driveway. Joan Jett thinks she is entitled to park in front of her house bc she doesn't have a driveway, and thinks we should accomodate her. Too bad it is public parking on a city street! She has even left notes on cars telling us not to park in front of her house - when someone left their car there for 3 days over a weekend. Ridiculous.

** Our landlord told her she needs to install a driveway in her yard bc she can't tell us where to park.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


So I randomly looked at pictures of our old dog Molly tonight and got incredibly sad. I miss having a dog like you wouldn't believe. . and it's just not possible with work, roommates, etc. So that's not ideal but I have 9 months to figure that one out.
Anyway - Molly was a sweet girl, after she grew out of her terrible 2's, and 3's. .She passed away about 2 years ago right around this time, and it caught me off guard that I still get so sad missing her

Friday, December 19, 2008

weird dream

Last night I had a strange dream - that I was at a summer camp/resort type place with a friend, J. We wandered around, and at one point decided to take a sailboat out for a bit. I guess everything we came across was free for us to use? Who knows. So neither of us know how to sail, but had no trouble w/ the boat and when we get out to the water - a helicoptor picked us up for a ride. What?? Weird, I know. The helicopter brings us back to the boat,and we go back to the dock. Coming into the dock, it is rainy and the sailboat has a windshield.* So it's all cloudy and we hit the dock, but the boat is fine and I jump off as quick as I can.
Next - it is sunny and hot and we are about to go swimming.** But J realizes his bag is missing, and we need to find it. Suddenly it is dark and we are going to a bonfire. We tell someone at the summer camp/resort that the bag is missing and they say we have to search the premises with flashlights. Not just us but everyone there. J says, that's impossible, I have to catch a flight in 30 minutes. I say - what good is it to leave without the stuff that you need? He says, they can ship it - we're leaving.
And then I woke up.

** Why didn't we do this when we were out on the boat?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

team sports

I just found out about this site and want to share it w/ everyone.
It's and basically - you go on it, make a profile listing the sports you are interested in, your skills, etc. Then you can search for teams in your area, create teams, or see what is going on that you might want to join. Super idea.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

If Santa was real...

I'd ask him for the following things:
- a dog, and a shorter commute home from work so I could actually take care of it
- more patience - mainly in my personal life
- a dog
- infinite plane tickets to SF and a few other places
- no more bills (car loans, school loans, mortgages, etc.) for my family members and friends
- a winery that I can own and run
- a new computer
- did I mention a dog? I need to figure out how to have one

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Polar Express

Medford, MA is on the Lowell commuter rail line, and yesterday hosted a Polar Express ride to see Santa.
There were tons of cops managing the foot traffic of kids, parents, etc. all in line to get on the train to ride who knows where. If I was a kid, or had kids, I'm sure it'd be fun - looks like a cute idea. . even though it was awful for traffic downtown!

Come on, try harder

I cannot make this stuff up.
I live w/ 3 people*and we are all in and out of the house all day. Friday night - the internet stopped working. One roommate - A - said to me on Saturday AM - hey did you know that if we turn off the power cord** that the extension cord /plugs are all in, the router/modem goes off, so the internet shuts down. So, I put a note near the power cord that said, Unplug the christmas tree by the cord on the floor, otherwise, you will end up turning off the router/modem.
That did not sink in to someone in our house. I came home later that day to find the extension cord(that has the router, modem and tree plugged into it) UNPLUGGED from the POWER CORD. Come on. I said the plug for the tree was on the floor. Not on the shelf with the power cord. If you stop and think for .2 seconds then you will realize that the extension cord needs to be plugged in for the modem, router, tree, etc. to work.
So - since the router had been unplugged for HOURS, the wireless profile I had set up and made secure reset itself. Oh for the love.. now I have to call linksys and have them tell me how to do it again. Thanks for making me do extra work because you did not understand how to turn off the tree.*** And, if anyone has called telecommunications customer service before, you know that you are in for at least 30-90 minutes of fun.
Now, in an effort to be COMPLETELY clear -
1. There is a note ON the Christmas tree plug that says, 'Unplug this to turn off tree.'
2. There is a note on the router that says, 'Do not unplug router or modem.'
3. There is a note on the extension cord that says, 'Do NOT unplug this.'

I can't wait to see what happens.

*yes, that is a lot of people, yes, I am ready to live alone.
** to shut off the christmas tree lights
*** Sorry if anyone I live with is offended, but I use this to vent sometimes.

Hey, Jealousy

No, not the Gin Blossoms song. . but an obnoxious reality.
I really really really cannot stand being jealous. It is a useless and frustrating emotion that is hard to control. And it is striking its viciousness into my life.
And - the little snake that it is, is coming at me in a few directions. One - I am jealous of something.* Two - someone else's jealousy is messing with things.*
1. I need to get over it. I need to work harder to get what I want so I won't have any reason to be jealous. I think it bothers me most when you want or need something, and can't get it and see other people with things they may not appreciate.
2. In the second instance - it is sad to say that many, many years after high school, some people still thrive on petty behavior. I hoped that later in life those situations and actions would die down and people would grow up and act like adults, but clearly it continues.

* Unfortunately, I cannot divulge all the details of either situation.

Mom Weekend

My mom came to visit me in Boston this weekend - Friday night - we had dinner at PF Changs, which my mom had never been to! She is now also very fond of the lettuce wraps appetizer.
After that, we went to see the Grinch at the Wang theater. It was cute - a bit silly, but fun. There were a lot of kids for the 8pm show - and there was a fairly obnoxious group up in the balcony. I get it, they were excited, but they were talking, yelling, etc. and clearly did not have the proper adult/child ratio.

The Wang Theater

Park Place, outside PF Changs
Saturday - we attempted some Christmas shopping, but were overwhelmed by the crowds. So - we went to the movies and saw "Four Christmases." It's pretty funny, and I love Reese Witherspoon. That night, we went to dinner in the North End, came home to watch White Christmas and write our Christmas cards.
Sunday - we made cookies before she left for CT!
It was fun to hang out, and have a girls weekend.


I have not kept up with the blog probably in about two weeks. Quick recap :
Thanksgiving - you can see the entire recap on
Heather's Blog, but the highlights include - being incredibly grossed out by the turkey, and cooking it upside down:
Seriously, we had no idea it was upside down til Amy told us. Doesn't it look normal in that pic??Just spending a week with Heather was fantastic. I miss her so much! Napa was fabulous -

and of course I loved a wine that is not distributed. It is sort of pricy so maybe that's a good thing! When I left, Heather and I both cried. I was sad to leave, because I miss being able to hang out with her, Erik and Evie. Hopefully we will schedule another trip soon!
Oh and of course, I had fun seeing Miss Evie and hanging out!

Evie May

Erik, Amy, Heather, Me @ the Bus Stop

Andretti Winery - Napa

Alamo Sq - The Full House St.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Start me up

I woke up today because I heard someone on the stairs* and looked at the clock telling me it was 7:30. F. I should have already been in the car! So, I get up, get ready and leave by 8 a.m. – and should hopefully be at work by 8:45 – 9 if all goes well. All did not go well.
I got about a mile from the house, and look down at my gas gauge – damn, I need gas. The next thought – oh crap, I never took my wallet out of my other bag last night. So – I turn around and go home bc I don’t want to get stranded in Canton or anywhere else in between tonight. (At this point, we can add 7-10 minutes to my trip.)
8:25 – at the gas station. I get back in the car and smell gas. It followed me into the car – probably on my rain boots, hopefully not on the bottom of my pants.**Then, I hit super fun traffic getting onto 93, and get through the tunnel at 8:45. I call my mom bc who else would listen to my ridiculousness? She seconds the notion that staying in bed would have been a better option, and sends her best wishes that my day improves, and I was in a better mood after talking to her.
I get to work by 9:05 – so not a huge deal, but not when I like to show up.
All in all – not a horrible morning, but a pretty hectic start. In the grand scheme of things, life could be MUCH worse. Next time I wake up and think, I should stay in bed, I might just do it.

*thankfully we have wood stairs and multiple people in the house to wake me up when I turn off my alarm.
**I worried about this the entire ride to work. . what would I have done if my pants smelled like gas all day??


I was typing a blog about how I was having a horrible, no good, very bad morning - and at the end, there was some random error, and the entire thing was deleted, proving my theory that staying in bed was the better option today.