Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have not kept up with the blog probably in about two weeks. Quick recap :
Thanksgiving - you can see the entire recap on
Heather's Blog, but the highlights include - being incredibly grossed out by the turkey, and cooking it upside down:
Seriously, we had no idea it was upside down til Amy told us. Doesn't it look normal in that pic??Just spending a week with Heather was fantastic. I miss her so much! Napa was fabulous -

and of course I loved a wine that is not distributed. It is sort of pricy so maybe that's a good thing! When I left, Heather and I both cried. I was sad to leave, because I miss being able to hang out with her, Erik and Evie. Hopefully we will schedule another trip soon!
Oh and of course, I had fun seeing Miss Evie and hanging out!

Evie May

Erik, Amy, Heather, Me @ the Bus Stop

Andretti Winery - Napa

Alamo Sq - The Full House St.

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