Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hey, Jealousy

No, not the Gin Blossoms song. . but an obnoxious reality.
I really really really cannot stand being jealous. It is a useless and frustrating emotion that is hard to control. And it is striking its viciousness into my life.
And - the little snake that it is, is coming at me in a few directions. One - I am jealous of something.* Two - someone else's jealousy is messing with things.*
1. I need to get over it. I need to work harder to get what I want so I won't have any reason to be jealous. I think it bothers me most when you want or need something, and can't get it and see other people with things they may not appreciate.
2. In the second instance - it is sad to say that many, many years after high school, some people still thrive on petty behavior. I hoped that later in life those situations and actions would die down and people would grow up and act like adults, but clearly it continues.

* Unfortunately, I cannot divulge all the details of either situation.

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