Sunday, December 21, 2008


Snow is beautiful and can be fun. In small, manageable increments. It has been snowing non stop since Friday at 2pm. . we have at least 1ft, and 3-5 more inches falling today. Jen and I have back pain from shoveling! (i.e. we are getting old) So - I'm bummed and sort of annoyed that I am stuck in the house today bc I have a few things to do today that I apparently can't get out to do. To be honest, I'm just not thrilled at the idea of doing laundry and cleaning my room.

So - I'm cranky because people are inconsiderate. I've been annoyed often lately at the ridiculousness of people not picking up after themselves in our house. I don't know what to do to make it clear that they need to think twice before doing things - like messing up the internet router 3x's in 2 days, or leaving the house for the weekend and leaving a mess. Maybe the people I live with read this blog - but I'm not sorry for talking about it here. I already sent an email telling them that if you leave the house for an extended period of time it's not fair to the rest of us that now have to clean up after them if we want to use pots and pans. So - it's not anything they don't already know I'm mad at. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES!

Last - our lovely (terrible) neighbor*, who we nicknamed Joan Jett thinks that it is acceptable to put cones in the street 'saving' her parking spot when she goes out. Um - no. We ALL shoveled out our cars, we ALL have to park here. Get over yourself, or put in a driveway please. I sort of want to move her cones.

*Joan Jett is the neighbor who complains to our landlord** that we park in front of her house. She lives directly next door and does not have a driveway. There are 5 people living at our house (4 here, 1 downstairs) and room for 2, maybe 3 cars in our driveway. Joan Jett thinks she is entitled to park in front of her house bc she doesn't have a driveway, and thinks we should accomodate her. Too bad it is public parking on a city street! She has even left notes on cars telling us not to park in front of her house - when someone left their car there for 3 days over a weekend. Ridiculous.

** Our landlord told her she needs to install a driveway in her yard bc she can't tell us where to park.

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