Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mom Weekend

My mom came to visit me in Boston this weekend - Friday night - we had dinner at PF Changs, which my mom had never been to! She is now also very fond of the lettuce wraps appetizer.
After that, we went to see the Grinch at the Wang theater. It was cute - a bit silly, but fun. There were a lot of kids for the 8pm show - and there was a fairly obnoxious group up in the balcony. I get it, they were excited, but they were talking, yelling, etc. and clearly did not have the proper adult/child ratio.

The Wang Theater

Park Place, outside PF Changs
Saturday - we attempted some Christmas shopping, but were overwhelmed by the crowds. So - we went to the movies and saw "Four Christmases." It's pretty funny, and I love Reese Witherspoon. That night, we went to dinner in the North End, came home to watch White Christmas and write our Christmas cards.
Sunday - we made cookies before she left for CT!
It was fun to hang out, and have a girls weekend.

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