Friday, December 19, 2008

weird dream

Last night I had a strange dream - that I was at a summer camp/resort type place with a friend, J. We wandered around, and at one point decided to take a sailboat out for a bit. I guess everything we came across was free for us to use? Who knows. So neither of us know how to sail, but had no trouble w/ the boat and when we get out to the water - a helicoptor picked us up for a ride. What?? Weird, I know. The helicopter brings us back to the boat,and we go back to the dock. Coming into the dock, it is rainy and the sailboat has a windshield.* So it's all cloudy and we hit the dock, but the boat is fine and I jump off as quick as I can.
Next - it is sunny and hot and we are about to go swimming.** But J realizes his bag is missing, and we need to find it. Suddenly it is dark and we are going to a bonfire. We tell someone at the summer camp/resort that the bag is missing and they say we have to search the premises with flashlights. Not just us but everyone there. J says, that's impossible, I have to catch a flight in 30 minutes. I say - what good is it to leave without the stuff that you need? He says, they can ship it - we're leaving.
And then I woke up.

** Why didn't we do this when we were out on the boat?

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