Monday, December 29, 2008

Grinchy about Holidays

My friend and I were headed to a Christmas gathering last Monday and we were both a little cranky. We were feeling a little grinchy about the holidays, and were annoyed by other random situations - so we were both in a state. But we were laughing about it so it was fun.
It led to the discussion about our favorite holiday. Hers is Thanksgiving bc all you have to do is eat and hang out. I said I like Halloween - costumes are fun, and I like Halloween decorations. Also - I like the 4th of July. All you do is hang out outside, have a few beers and see fireworks, which I LOVE. And,there is no pressure to gather the entire family from all ends of the earth, no gifts to buy, etc. Which made me come to my own conclusion a few days later - I don't really like holidays. I like other people's birthdays bc I like to find a fun gift for them, send a cute card or celebrate my friends bc I love them. But - if I really think about it - holidays stress me out and I'm not a fan.

Let's go through them: (Holidays consist of days off from work, or certain days noted on a calendar as a holiday)
- New Year's Day:
Plus: There is the potential for fireworks, but you have to stand outside in the cold to see them. It's an excuse to put on a silly crown and use noisemakers. If you have a fun party to go to you can dress up for it.
Minus: You have to stay where you party if you want to have drinks* It is super expensive to travel. Bars have high covers, even if they are in Killington, VT. A whole lot of hype for 10 seconds of excitement.
- Martin Luther King Jr. Day :
Plus: A good guy to celebrate and a day off work.
Minus: You can't do fun things on your day off bc ski slopes, the mall, the movies and everywhere is crowded with people off for the day.
- Groundhog Day:
Plus: You can print out pictures of Groundhogs, color them and stick them on your roommates bedroom doors.
Minus: A groundhog cannot stop winter from continuing, and that god awful movie - Groundhog Day - exists.
- Valentine's Day:
Plus: it is one of my good friends' birthday! You can make cookies for your co workers, and no matter how old you are - you can give out little valentine day cards to your friends.
Minus: If you are single you might be annoyed at the lovey dovey day you are spending alone. There is pressure to get a gift and have dinner/hang out if you are with someone. restaurants are crowded.
- St. Patrick's Day:
Plus: I like beer, and that is how we celebrate
Minus: EVERYONE wants to go out to the bars, so its super crowded. Bars hike up the cover charges - again. Hangovers.
- April Fool's Day:
Plus: One more day til My sister's bday!
Minus: I don't like practical jokes. I don't know who to believe that day.
- Easter
Plus: Cadbury Mini Eggs
Minus: I don't like ham, I am not religious, too many pastel colors together grosses me out - especially when it is all gray and rainy and there are no leaves on trees.
- Memorial day:
Plus: Day off from work, and it's near my friend Jess' bday, sales in stores.
Minus: Expensive to travel bc it's a long weekend. It might not be warm enough for a picnic.
- 4th of July
Plus: Fireworks, beer, picnics
Minus: Traffic, crowds
- Labor Day:
Plus: Day off from work, and it's near my friend Colleen's bday, sales in stores.
Minus: Expensive to travel bc it's a long weekend. People all go their own way and do their own thing so you might end up a loner for the weekend. End of summer. :(
- Columbus Day
Plus: some people don't have to work, sales in stores.
Minus: I have to work. Columbus really wasn't that fabulous.
- Halloween:
Plus: costumes, candy, decorations, Hocus Pocus
Minus: people lose interest when we get older, attempting to come up with clever costume ideas can get tough.
- Thanksgiving
Plus: you can be lazy and no one cares. It's the perfect day to watch Home Alone. Apple pie.
Minus: Travel is expensive and can be hectic. Traffic. Christmas music starts the day after. Turkey is gross - esp after I have had to cook one.
- Christmas:
Plus: giving gifts, reuniting with family and friends, Christmas movies and songs (for about 3 weeks), decorating trees.
Minus: Missing people you can't spend the holiday with, pressure of giving great gifts and finishing everything on time, listening to christmas music since thanksgiving, people in malls, on the highway, etc. General un-excitement for the holiday bc there is nothing special about it for me right now. Some people are over zealous about it which gets old QUICK. (HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!)

So that is my recap of my take on holidays. I guess I do like some - 4th of July, and St. Patricks day maybe?

* I'm a brat now and enjoy sleeping in my own bed, not on random floors and couches.


Paula said...

I love christmas but i am NOT a fan of New Year - not looking forward to it at all!

Jim Barton said...

lol - i just saw this. I did something similar a few years ago. i think you and i have some different takes on each day, though. Christmas in Vegas next year for me!