Thursday, December 11, 2008

Start me up

I woke up today because I heard someone on the stairs* and looked at the clock telling me it was 7:30. F. I should have already been in the car! So, I get up, get ready and leave by 8 a.m. – and should hopefully be at work by 8:45 – 9 if all goes well. All did not go well.
I got about a mile from the house, and look down at my gas gauge – damn, I need gas. The next thought – oh crap, I never took my wallet out of my other bag last night. So – I turn around and go home bc I don’t want to get stranded in Canton or anywhere else in between tonight. (At this point, we can add 7-10 minutes to my trip.)
8:25 – at the gas station. I get back in the car and smell gas. It followed me into the car – probably on my rain boots, hopefully not on the bottom of my pants.**Then, I hit super fun traffic getting onto 93, and get through the tunnel at 8:45. I call my mom bc who else would listen to my ridiculousness? She seconds the notion that staying in bed would have been a better option, and sends her best wishes that my day improves, and I was in a better mood after talking to her.
I get to work by 9:05 – so not a huge deal, but not when I like to show up.
All in all – not a horrible morning, but a pretty hectic start. In the grand scheme of things, life could be MUCH worse. Next time I wake up and think, I should stay in bed, I might just do it.

*thankfully we have wood stairs and multiple people in the house to wake me up when I turn off my alarm.
**I worried about this the entire ride to work. . what would I have done if my pants smelled like gas all day??


Hedder02 said...

one time at the gas station, i pulled the hose off the gas thing and it had some gas in it and i sprayed the gas pump, myself, the ground, and the car. it was awesome.

k. mead said...

That is pretty amazing. hopefully you were headed home and not to work.

Amy said...

I honestly think i have the hardest time getting out of bed in the morning. It's like I'm a different person that just doesn't care what time it is or if I have to be at work. Once I'm late to work (as usual) I am mad at my early morning self for not getting out of boyfriend even says I am a total horror in the morning. He won't even talk to me!