Sunday, December 14, 2008

Come on, try harder

I cannot make this stuff up.
I live w/ 3 people*and we are all in and out of the house all day. Friday night - the internet stopped working. One roommate - A - said to me on Saturday AM - hey did you know that if we turn off the power cord** that the extension cord /plugs are all in, the router/modem goes off, so the internet shuts down. So, I put a note near the power cord that said, Unplug the christmas tree by the cord on the floor, otherwise, you will end up turning off the router/modem.
That did not sink in to someone in our house. I came home later that day to find the extension cord(that has the router, modem and tree plugged into it) UNPLUGGED from the POWER CORD. Come on. I said the plug for the tree was on the floor. Not on the shelf with the power cord. If you stop and think for .2 seconds then you will realize that the extension cord needs to be plugged in for the modem, router, tree, etc. to work.
So - since the router had been unplugged for HOURS, the wireless profile I had set up and made secure reset itself. Oh for the love.. now I have to call linksys and have them tell me how to do it again. Thanks for making me do extra work because you did not understand how to turn off the tree.*** And, if anyone has called telecommunications customer service before, you know that you are in for at least 30-90 minutes of fun.
Now, in an effort to be COMPLETELY clear -
1. There is a note ON the Christmas tree plug that says, 'Unplug this to turn off tree.'
2. There is a note on the router that says, 'Do not unplug router or modem.'
3. There is a note on the extension cord that says, 'Do NOT unplug this.'

I can't wait to see what happens.

*yes, that is a lot of people, yes, I am ready to live alone.
** to shut off the christmas tree lights
*** Sorry if anyone I live with is offended, but I use this to vent sometimes.

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Hedder02 said...

wow. get it together people!!!