Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I think the more annoyed or frustrated I am - the less I write openly about them. I have a journal that I write in when I'm overwhelmed (in a good or bad way), and that has been getting more attention than the blog lately.

Mainly - I have been super stressed out by my house/apartment. People moving in/out & figuring out timing of that, calming other people's worries and concerns, sorting out how it will all work to make everyone happy, and people being inconsiderate (work, home, life in general). I need a vacation. Finally - I think we are all set.* Now comes the part where 2 people used to a certain set of rules/lifestyle in the house mesh with 2 who are new to the scene. Let's hope it goes well!

On a personal life note - the Australian 'friend' has yet to visit. He has lots of stuff going on in his work life, but it seems to be coming to the point where he can finally set something up soon. I'm not holding my breath, but I'm hopeful. Our last conversation helped me think I will actually see him before Christmas, but you never know. On the same topic - my friends C & J went to NH last Saturday and came home and said, "Kim, do you want a boyfriend?" They met a guy who is friends with someone C knows, and said, he's really cute, and nice. Too bad I have no way of meeting him!

*except the house is 'undone' and unsettled (undone - hooks missing pictures, etc.)


Hedder02 said...

READ THE SECRET and positive stuff will come into your life. Put him on the vision board and he will come visit.

k. mead said...

good idea. he'll go on the board tonight!