Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Help with shoes?

I need help finding shoes. For my friend's wedding, I need to find dyeable shoes in a satin finish. (They will be dyed a light gold/champagne color.)
Below are pictures of shoes that are reoommended to look best with the bridesmaids dresses, and that are appropriate for the Oct. wedding date. They can't be summer-y, strappy sandals, and excessive shiny objects are prohibited.(rhinestones, diamonds, rubies, cubic zirconia, etc.)
Any suggestions, preferences, ideas for me?

we were told to look at,, and


Sarah said...

try this website....they have good shoes.

Also, Piperlime has a good variety.

k. mead said...

cool! Thanks Sarah!

Hedder02 said...

i would not do zappos. i just ordered & sent back about 6 pairs of shoes b/c the sizes are not right. do you HAVE to dye them or can you just buy a gold-ish color? I got great shoes for a wedding and they are.......NATURALIZER!