Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend update

Another CT weekend. I went home to help out at the Irish Fest my parents Irish club put on. I spent most of my time picking up/dropping off things in the AM. Then - moved on to giving out wristbands at the beer ticket booth. My friend Jake showed up so I took a break and hung out for a bit. Then some family came, so I sat with them for a bit before I went back to wristbands. It was sort of strange to ask people for ID - esp. when they could be my age! Overall the fest was a good time, but a long, late day. We were there cleaning up til about 12:30/1 am.
Amid the festivities of the day we had a crisis of sorts. My mom and I drove my grandparents home, but when we got there, the front door wouldn't open. Turns out the lock jammed, and we couldn't get in. My dad came to the house, and we pushed the AC out of the bedroom window and I climbed in. Then - my dad climbed in too, because the door wouldn't even open from the inside. After unscrewing the lock from the door and letting my grandparents in - it was back to the Fest to clean up.
I came home to go to my softball game which we lost 10-8. So close! But in the 6th inning, the ref gave us a really bad call - calling someone safe who was clearly out. That out would have ended the inning but instead, they scored again. oh well.

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