Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Paranormal State

Sometimes, I do not make the best decisions - such as last night when I decided to watch Paranormal State at 11:00 at night. In my room, in the dark, in an old house. Of course I got all freaked out and kept switching to light hearted shows such as Leno and Will and Grace reruns. But - I wanted to see what happened on the show so I kept going back.

This show is about a group of people from Penn State who investigate paranormal activity that is interrupting people's lives. They were in a house that had a demon posessing it, and they had Lorraine Warren come to the house. Lorraine Warren and her (late) husband Ed are notorious in CT for their abilities as paranormal investigators. Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated the house that was the subject of the Amityville Horror. http://www.warrens.net/index.html

Anyway - on the show they were in two different houses but the same (demonic) spirit was in both places. I'm not sure what to believe on all this stuff, but at night in the dark it gets pretty creepy!


Hedder02 said...

I love this show. I love that gay psychic guy. He is great. Erik thinks the show is a joke but I like it. I also like Ghost Hunters with the guys from Rhode Island. They always try to dispel things before saying its real.

k. mead said...

the new season starts next week I think, and it's about aliens. Did you ever go to a lecture by the Warrens in CT?