Monday, September 22, 2008

Weird dream

** UPDATE** I told the real life bride to be about the dream and she laughed and said, you know that I'd really say that to you! (about the tattoo)

Saturday night I had a strange dream - It was the day before my roommates wedding (which I am in in real life) and we were all at hotel and then at a dinner. I got a tattoo of a red koi fish(like the picture, but all red) on my right shin. My friend goes, um you better cover that up. I said, it's ok, I can scrape it off. It's not real. And I didn't remember getting a tattoo. Then - I was worried bc I'd have this dumb tattoo on my leg forever and it didn't look good w/ my bridesmaid dress.


So@24 said...

What would Freud say about this?

k. mead said...

not sure I want to know! I don't even want a tattoo!