Friday, September 26, 2008

Our friends @ Dunder Mifflin

Re: Office premiere last night.
I got worried when Pam started making friends at school and showed signs of flirting w/ some dude. . I'm sure they will revisit to add drama, BUT how cute was the proposal in the rain? I heart Jim & Pam.
Did anyone notice Meredith's face was all weird at the beginning? What happened at the end of last season to her? It was cleared up by the end of the episode, w/ no mention of it.
And - poor Toby! I feel so bad for that dude.
On Ryan, only fitting that he is the receptionist after being such an a-hole last season. Don't do drugs, huh? Is he sincerely missing Kelly, or just grasping for something he thought was a sure thing when everything else in his life is up in flames?
Dwight/Angela - strangely perfect for each other. I'll feel bad for Andy when Angela breaks up w/ him.

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