Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"But I am le tired"

old video from college. This was the first time I heard, wtf?


leaving and missing people sucks.


Happy 4th Birthday Evie May! 

Ti Ti

Sonoma Saturday


a place to check out next time!

dinner & Sunset

Weekend in SF!

Friday - Heather , Erik and I went down to her school, ate some fantastic mexican food at the Little Chihuahua, then hung out for a bit before Heather and I got mani/pedi's, cupcakes and met her friends at Happy Hour.
Kara's Cupcakes - YUM

@Happy Hour 
- We got asked if we were twins about 10x.
- NY Ben 'knew' we were from the East Coast because we were more direct, upfront than native Californians. Also  - he went to Sacred Heart in CT and talked about Pepe's in New Haven - but kept pronouncing it "Pep-pay's"
- We got 2 for 1 drinks!
Then we went home, watched Post Grad w/ Alexis Bledel (aka Rory Gilmore) and fell asleep. It was not rent worthy. She is a girl just out of college, so focused on her future that she cannot see what she has in front of her and almost loses it. Yup, gets the job at the last second. Gets the guy after she pushes him away. A bit predictable and sort of boring, though it had the potential to be a bit better with cast members such as Jane Lynch and Carol Burnett!

leaving on a jet plane

Thursday evening I flew to SF! After a slight delay - I spent about 6hrs on a Jet Blue flight to see Heather, Erik and Evie. Thankfully - Jet blue has TV's so I got to watch a marathon of The Housewives of Orange County. Also available for my viewing pleasure - The Jersey Shore marathon. I'm not at all surprised that other countries think we are just dumb Americans, and also - am starting to wonder if civilization is seriously coming to an end.

boston skyline from the Logan runway

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

one year ago

tigers and white pups

Last night I had a dream that I somehow gave an electric shock to a tiger*. Something about loose wires and water. Then, I got to a big room - like the lobby of a ski resort. There was a white dog laying on the ground with bandages on his paws. He asked me how I could be so careless bc he got burned by the shock too. Of course he talked - because dogs talk to me in dreams.  

*The tiger is directly related to the fact that I watched The Hangover  on Sunday night. 

Monday, January 11, 2010


Today's date is a palindrome - *

* you know, like 'A man a plan a canal, panama'

challenge of the week

It's day one of quitting facebook for a week. I haven't thought about it much, but did click on a link in Twitter that started to open Facebook. That does not count as logging in, since a) it was not an intentional click through to facebook, b) I didn't actually log in. As soon as I saw the blue F, I closed quickly. 
Basically - I am addicted to technology. I have constant access to email, texts, blackberry messenger, facebook and twitter. Oh and google reader. I need to be able to sit with my phone and have 5 minutes of free time and NOT check any of these things. So facebook is my first try. I am hoping by the end of the week I will not even think about it. The week off officially started at midnight last night, and runs through midnight of January 17th.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Last night's dreaming was long and random! So, below are the snippets I remember:

Our house had a huge garage and we were doing tons of laundry. The garage opened up and was the backstage of a theater. I was the Cat in the Hat, and then had to be some other character. It was time for me to go back on stage and I didn't have the right costume on - I was missing the hat and top piece of my costume.

my parents had an addition on the house and it was being redecorated. Scott came and we were laying around watching TV. An old friend from high school was there too and didn't get the hint to leave, so Scott was about to kick him out, when he finally left.

Mare (a former co worker) came to return a piece of furniture we donated to a picnic at a school. It was wrought iron and black - patio furniture. She met my dad for the first time and didn't shake his hand bc she had gardening gloves on.

I had to move a piece of furniture and go to a party. We put the furniture on the back of a truck and then I saw two friends on the truck as well(no idea who) bringing a trash can full of jungle juice and a cooler of food to the party.

My best friend from high school also got on the truck, and she started crying and hugging me. She was upset about the amount of heroin that is trafficked and how it is getting into food. It is ruining the food system and even hurting Bruce Springsteen.


Saturday, January 9, 2010


It is weird to watch movies that were made for TV on DVD - because it still fades to black when it is supposed to go to commercial. Oh and they are pretty cheesy/predictable.
(currently watching Lucky Seven - luckily it has Kimberly Williams and Patrick Dempsey) 

Lucky Seven was actually pretty cute. Kimberly Williams was a lot like her character in Father of the Bride  - but that's ok because that's what I liked about her! The premise of the movie is - Amy's (Kimberly Williams) mother is dying, and Amy is 7 yrs old. Her mom basically writes out a timeline of what will happen in life - summer camp, class president, college, etc. They decide Amy will be a lawyer, and then her mom says that she should date a bit before picking 'the one' - who will be Lucky Seven. Amy then sabotages a new relationship with a guy who could be 'the one' so he will truly be #7. Of course it is not that simple, and she brings in another guy to count as #6 and they have their own adventure. Predictable - yes. Cute - yea. I wouldn't recommend renting it, but if it is on TV and nothing else is - you should check it out. 

Friday, January 8, 2010

a ghost named Gary?

oook more strange dreams last night.
I don't know how it started. But I remember being in an old house, and then taking my roommate (Johanna) brother's dog- Sasha - for a walk with Scott and Johanna. At some point it was kind of dark/dusk and we were in a yard with a fence. I got caught in Sasha's leash and it flipped me around onto my back. Then I sat in a recliner and started watching TV (yes, in the yard.) Then I remembered that Johanna was pregnant (she is not ) and that I had to tell Scott about it, but couldn't because Johanna was standing there.
Next, we were back in the old house and Heather and Erik were there. We were getting ready to play video games when I heard someone talking. So I decided to go in the shower (what?? weird) and there was a ghost named Gary talking to me. My cell phone rang and it was him - he said he was able to intercept calls to talk to people. Then he said he didn't remember where he was from or how he died.
I woke up thinking, I have dreamed about a ghost named Gary before. I wonder if there really is a ghost that wants to talk to me. (I'm going to guess that is not the case.) 

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's everywhere.

Jan. 10: Feel that draft

Even if people had to pay to participate in No Pants Day, we have a feeling that the merry masses would still mob the T sans pants. Thankfully for those Bostonians who feel the need to ride the Red Line in boxers and briefs, the party is indeed free.
Noon-2 p.m. Meet-up location is still


2010 goals

In no particular order...
- Read more. So far that means Shakespere (bc I haven't read much of it), and books from the GG list.   
- Learn the Presidents. In order. Mostly because I feel dumb not knowing most of them, or when they were in office.
- Learn at least one song on the guitar. I know, I know - this has been a goal for the past TWO years. This time, I mean it. And Scott plays so I have access to a real guitar. (and someone who can play)
- Be better with $. Pay things off. Save money. Stop buying things I don't need.
Be more consistent at going to the gym and reach personal goals. I know, we tried this last year, but then hit a bit of a snafu. 
-Blog more. I have lots to say but just don't post it. 


Had a memory of picking my dad up at the airport with my mom (and sister I assume) and he was eating popcorn from a circular container. (Memory or dream?) 

And (not related to the last note) I thought of the version of Romeo + Juliet w/ Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. I think I want to watch it, but 30 min into it I will probably change my mind. 

Oh that reminds me - I think one of my 2010 goals will be to read some Shakespere work, which fits in well with this cool idea  I will work on as well. 


I'm contemplating quitting facebook for a week.
a) to see if I miss it
b) to see if I can do it
c) to quit the technology addiction

Also - I spent some time archiving this morning and surprisingly only got ONE paper cut.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

weird dreams per usual

I seriously need to keep a notebook near my bed to write down the dreams I have because they are odd and amusing. I was browsing my blog the other day reading old posts, and came across posts about dreams I forgot I had. I could make millions someday on the stories I come up with in my sleep.

In the past two nights:
Sunday night:
 My co worker N and his wife R have a white cat named Daisy. Daisy sometimes appears in videos on facebook, and recently made her own page. Sunday night, I dreamed that there was some sort of natural weather disaster and N, R and Daisy were climbing a fire escape ladder and sent me a video asking for help. what??

Monday night:
 A few things I cannot remember lead up to the following scene: In my parent's house in the room that used to be my sisters - there was a bookcase and desk adjacent to the windows. I was sleeping face down on the desk and heard a rumbling, thumping noise. (as in the Water ripple scene in Jurrassic Park below) Anyway - I hear this and run to the garage. My mom is sitting in her car which is jacked up on car ramps. She is clutching the wheel and tells me to hide. I run to the front of the car and crouch down. She tells me the noise is telekepathic energy and it's an illusion that makes it seem like people are running around. These 'illusions' are running up and surrounding the car. I woke up breathing heavy as if I was running away. 

Monday, January 4, 2010


If you go to google and just hit 'I'm feeling Lucky' - it will wish you a Happy New Year!