Sunday, January 10, 2010


Last night's dreaming was long and random! So, below are the snippets I remember:

Our house had a huge garage and we were doing tons of laundry. The garage opened up and was the backstage of a theater. I was the Cat in the Hat, and then had to be some other character. It was time for me to go back on stage and I didn't have the right costume on - I was missing the hat and top piece of my costume.

my parents had an addition on the house and it was being redecorated. Scott came and we were laying around watching TV. An old friend from high school was there too and didn't get the hint to leave, so Scott was about to kick him out, when he finally left.

Mare (a former co worker) came to return a piece of furniture we donated to a picnic at a school. It was wrought iron and black - patio furniture. She met my dad for the first time and didn't shake his hand bc she had gardening gloves on.

I had to move a piece of furniture and go to a party. We put the furniture on the back of a truck and then I saw two friends on the truck as well(no idea who) bringing a trash can full of jungle juice and a cooler of food to the party.

My best friend from high school also got on the truck, and she started crying and hugging me. She was upset about the amount of heroin that is trafficked and how it is getting into food. It is ruining the food system and even hurting Bruce Springsteen.


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