Friday, January 8, 2010

a ghost named Gary?

oook more strange dreams last night.
I don't know how it started. But I remember being in an old house, and then taking my roommate (Johanna) brother's dog- Sasha - for a walk with Scott and Johanna. At some point it was kind of dark/dusk and we were in a yard with a fence. I got caught in Sasha's leash and it flipped me around onto my back. Then I sat in a recliner and started watching TV (yes, in the yard.) Then I remembered that Johanna was pregnant (she is not ) and that I had to tell Scott about it, but couldn't because Johanna was standing there.
Next, we were back in the old house and Heather and Erik were there. We were getting ready to play video games when I heard someone talking. So I decided to go in the shower (what?? weird) and there was a ghost named Gary talking to me. My cell phone rang and it was him - he said he was able to intercept calls to talk to people. Then he said he didn't remember where he was from or how he died.
I woke up thinking, I have dreamed about a ghost named Gary before. I wonder if there really is a ghost that wants to talk to me. (I'm going to guess that is not the case.) 


JMay said...

Ahhh, weird dream!

I always wonder if the dream books are really accurate.

P said...

that's weird - i think the fact you have dreamt about a ghost called gary more than once must mean SOMETHING! Maybe there IS a ghost trying to contact you!