Tuesday, January 5, 2010

weird dreams per usual

I seriously need to keep a notebook near my bed to write down the dreams I have because they are odd and amusing. I was browsing my blog the other day reading old posts, and came across posts about dreams I forgot I had. I could make millions someday on the stories I come up with in my sleep.

In the past two nights:
Sunday night:
 My co worker N and his wife R have a white cat named Daisy. Daisy sometimes appears in videos on facebook, and recently made her own page. Sunday night, I dreamed that there was some sort of natural weather disaster and N, R and Daisy were climbing a fire escape ladder and sent me a video asking for help. what??

Monday night:
 A few things I cannot remember lead up to the following scene: In my parent's house in the room that used to be my sisters - there was a bookcase and desk adjacent to the windows. I was sleeping face down on the desk and heard a rumbling, thumping noise. (as in the Water ripple scene in Jurrassic Park below) Anyway - I hear this and run to the garage. My mom is sitting in her car which is jacked up on car ramps. She is clutching the wheel and tells me to hide. I run to the front of the car and crouch down. She tells me the noise is telekepathic energy and it's an illusion that makes it seem like people are running around. These 'illusions' are running up and surrounding the car. I woke up breathing heavy as if I was running away. 

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