Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 goals

In no particular order...
- Read more. So far that means Shakespere (bc I haven't read much of it), and books from the GG list.   
- Learn the Presidents. In order. Mostly because I feel dumb not knowing most of them, or when they were in office.
- Learn at least one song on the guitar. I know, I know - this has been a goal for the past TWO years. This time, I mean it. And Scott plays so I have access to a real guitar. (and someone who can play)
- Be better with $. Pay things off. Save money. Stop buying things I don't need.
Be more consistent at going to the gym and reach personal goals. I know, we tried this last year, but then hit a bit of a snafu. 
-Blog more. I have lots to say but just don't post it. 

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