Saturday, January 9, 2010


It is weird to watch movies that were made for TV on DVD - because it still fades to black when it is supposed to go to commercial. Oh and they are pretty cheesy/predictable.
(currently watching Lucky Seven - luckily it has Kimberly Williams and Patrick Dempsey) 

Lucky Seven was actually pretty cute. Kimberly Williams was a lot like her character in Father of the Bride  - but that's ok because that's what I liked about her! The premise of the movie is - Amy's (Kimberly Williams) mother is dying, and Amy is 7 yrs old. Her mom basically writes out a timeline of what will happen in life - summer camp, class president, college, etc. They decide Amy will be a lawyer, and then her mom says that she should date a bit before picking 'the one' - who will be Lucky Seven. Amy then sabotages a new relationship with a guy who could be 'the one' so he will truly be #7. Of course it is not that simple, and she brings in another guy to count as #6 and they have their own adventure. Predictable - yes. Cute - yea. I wouldn't recommend renting it, but if it is on TV and nothing else is - you should check it out. 

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