Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zoobooks and Acai Diet?? Not so much

Even though I have been mad in the past at Bank of America (which is actually Bank of Whatever state you opened your account in*), I must say I am happy with their attention to detail and fraud protection. I got an email telling me there was suspicious activity on my account. Sure enough, there are charges for 'Zoobooks', Acai diet, Columbia house video and Vista print that I did not put on my card. YIKES. I don't even know what Zoobooks or the Acai Diet are! And I haven't ordered from Vista Print in 2 years.
So – I call and after talking to 3 reps – one to tell the problem to and be transferred to the right dept, one to report the charges and get a new card, one to file a fraud claim – I will be paid back the $ incorrectly charged, and will get a new card.
Also – they told me about their program called
shop safe:
So, if you are going to shop online, you go to ShopSafe and enter your desired spending limit and expiration date, and it gives you a 'dummy' credit card # and then your actual # is never out in the open. Smart. I will definitely do this from now on , bc I think online spending is the way this happened!

*About 2 yrs ago, something happened where my debit card number was cancelled and a new one had to be issued. I went to BOA to get a temporary ATM card, but was told I had to go to a CT location bc that was where I opened the account. Also - BOA can switch your account to a new state, but only by changing all your account numbers, etc.

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