Friday, March 20, 2009

I hate pastel but I hate snow more right now.

Happy Spring!! WHOO HOO Winter is OVER!

It's the first day of spring - and here are the reasons why this is a fabulous thing:
- Spring means it's time for fun birthdays (me and my sister)
- NO MORE SNOW STORMS - which means no more SHOVELING
- Lower heat bills
- Leaves back on trees
- Running outside / Biking, being outside in general
- MS Bike in May
- Grilling
- The hammock
- Summer is coming!
- The smell of fresh cut grass
- Sam Adams White Ale
let's not focus on why this is not ideal: (but let's mention it anyway)
- Pastel colors & Easter
- allergies
- too many rainy days
- not wearing warm enough clothes bc you want it to be warmer than it is, and then you are freezing.

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