Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday night @ Copperfields

Thank you to everyone who came out Friday night to support our fundraiser!

My friend Holly and I had a joint fundraiser at Copperfield's in Boston. She was raising money for Alzheimer's which she is supporting in her 1/2 marathon run in May. I was raising money for MS - which I am supporting in the MS bike May 2.

If you are planning a fundraiser for a charity in Boston - the Down Under pub at Copperfield's is a fantastic venue. They have an entire downstairs for use, and since it is for charity - they donate the space as their contribution to the event. You have your own bar, space for bands, tables, etc.

Holly is a fundraiser/orgainizer pro! She got 3 bands to come play for us:
They were all fun to listen to, and performed for free! We had raffle prizes - gift certificates, etc. that had been donated, and a silent auction for some larger donated items. Overall we raised a little over $1000. Next year, I will definitely do this again, with more lead time!

Pictures to come soon!

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