Sunday, November 24, 2013

Restaurant Review: Tasca

Tasca is a Spanish Tapas restaurant in our neighborhood we wanted to try out. Friday, we walked the whole 1/4 mile to the restaurant for our 7:30 reservation. 

We walked in and the hostess said it would be a few min, so we ordered drinks at the bar. Almost immediately we were seated, and told our drinks would be brought over. 


We sat, browsed the menu and got some water. No drinks. 10 min later: no wait staff, no drinks. 

15 min later. no waitstaff, no drinks. I started to get annoyed. It's clear this place caters to groups of 5+, but don't neglect the 2-4 tables! I closed my menu and started to try to catch the eye of ANY waitstaff the walked by. Nothing. 

Finally out waitress came by and was clueless that our drinks were at the bar waiting for us. Clearly the guy who sat us and assured us our drinks would be delivered was not in communication with his staff. ugh.

anyway - I WANTED to love this place. The atmosphere is great, the wine and sangria were delish, the food was overall pretty good. The service was out of control HORRIBLE. They left a comment card, which I turned into the hostess (cause what if the waitress tossed it in the trash?!) Maybe we can give it another try. It is so close and has so much potential! 

On to the food: 
Tapas, In case you have never gone (it was my first time) - are a lot of small plates of food. They reccomend 2-3 plates per person. We ordered 6 total dishes. 

Per the menu: 
12 Pincho de pollo y chorizo 
Grilled chicken and chorizo skewer with peppers and onion in a spicy chili sauce

Delicious! spicy sauce, chicken, peppers, onion - no complaints! 

21 Albóndigas 
Beef and pork meatballs with romano cheese and fresh herbs in a green peppercorn sauce

meh. the meatballs were squishy and bland, with some sort of potato chip shredded on top. Do not order. 

29 Brie a la plancha 
Grilled imported Brie cheese with a homemade savory apple and raisin chutney served
with a grilled baguette

meh. the grilled brie was cold, and the grilled baguettes were soft. If they were crisp, and the brie warm, it would have been great! sadly, that was not the case. 

35 Canelón rellono de pollo 
Chicken and spinach stuffed canelon baked in a duo of tomato and smoked cheese sauces

OMG delish. Saucy, chicken and spinach cheesy goodness. Definitely recommend. 

18 Couscous con verduras 
Israeli couscous tossed with roasted eggplant, red peppers, zucchini, tomato and
grilled artichoke in a fresh basil marinade

Pretty good. refreshing and yummy. maybe a little heavy on the balsamic vinaigrette but overall worth ordering if you like the components. 

Also, we had Chicken Croquettes (not on the current menu) which were Delicious! and in some sort of red sauce. 

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